By: Johnathen Rockwell Troop 1207 Baden-Powell Council, Binghamton N.Y.

Patch Trading on Consol Energy Bridge

Why’s that set worth so much? It’s pretty, so it must be rare right? What the heck is a JSP? Can I buy patches? These are only a few questions a new patch trader may have. To the uninitiated, patch trading is a mammoth, strange, and perhaps scary place, full of vistas of sets, OA (Order of the Arrow) flaps, vintage pieces and the ever looming question of real versus fake. But, there are a few things that you new patch collectors and traders can use to help to find your way in this strange world. Here’s a few tips. Many sets have a small QR code on the back of them. If you have a smart phone, scanning these codes can provide you with a summary including rarity, exact number of prints, and if there are variants. Second, watch other scouts trade. Anywhere there is a trade taking place, there is sure to be an experienced trader nearby. These guys and gals know their way around a trade, and watch their technique. Do they know what they want? Are they sure of themselves? These are a few things you can pick up on to make yourself seem more serious about trading. Finally, know when to walk away. If someone wants four sets for that one set you really want, it’s not worth it. Like they say, “You got to know when to hold em’. ” Most and importantly, have fun! Once you start to feel bogged down, it’s a good time to stop. Okay, now you are ready to make your way into the world of patch trading!

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