Hello, my name is Jerry, I am a Life Scout with Troop 358 from Zionsville. Indiana. I am here at the National Jamboree with Troop 2449 which is the Crossroads Council. My favorite experience here at the Jamboree was the green course at the ropes.

Doing the rope course was a fun and exciting experience that tested your endurance, strength, patience and balance.  The rope course is a series of obstacles in the trees that includes things such as rope bridges, balance wires, tire swings, sideways logs, and shaking bridges. I really enjoyed the rope course because I tested myself to the limit and it made me to try not to give up. If I did lose my balance, I was able to just position myself and get back on. I also like to lean back and hang off obstacles. All of this together made a really fun experience for me and my friends that came with me and I would happily do it multiple times. This made a really great experience that my friends and I would not forget any time soon. It was really fun for me and I hope you are able to try it out too if you ever make it to the Bechtel Summit.

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